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Ela’ means leaf and ‘Kizhi’ means bundle, is a type of sudation therapy using medicinal leaves. Elakizhi is a highly rejuvenating treatment applied after Abhyanga. It is used to cure ailments affecting bones, nervous system and joints. The most commonly used leaves are of tamarind, drumstick, Calatropis gigantea, etc. which are chopped and mixed with lemon, grated coconut, etc. depending upon the disease.

This mixture is then fried in sesame oil and tied in a linen cloth as boluses. It is then poured in a vessel containing oil to heat the ingredients. Then, a gentle massage with warm boluses is given for about 10 to 15 minutes. On completion, the body is covered with a thick blanket and the patient is asked to take bath with hot water.


      arrow   Delays aging

      arrow   Improves skin complexion

      arrow   Improves blood circulation

      arrow   Enhances muscle strength

      arrow   Relives body aches and stiffness

Elakizhi is recommended for treating the following conditions:

      arrow   Arthritis

      arrow   Spondylitis

      arrow   Chronic back pain

      arrow   Sciatica

      arrow   Sprains and cramps

      arrow   Neuralgia and others