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Njavarakizhi is a special massage, which rejuvenates the body. Medicated oil is first applied liberally over the patient’s body. Then the body is massaged with small linen bags filled with cooked Navara rice. The rice is cooked by boiling it in cow’s milk along with suitable herbs.

The linen bags filled with rice are dipped in the same mixture kept boiling over a gentle flame and applied by masseurs at a comfortable temperature over the whole body of the patient.It is very effective in degenerative muscle diseases like poliomyelitis muscular atrophy etc. It is more effective when done immediately after Pizhichil treatment.


      arrow   Njavarakizhi is extremely effective against rheumatism, joint and muscle pains, back pains (e.g. sciatica, slipped discs)

      arrow   High blood pressure

      arrow   High cholesterol levels

      arrow   Sexual problems such as Menstruation, Infertility and Nervous weaknesses

      arrow   It may also get rid of certain skin problems