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During Tharpanam, hollow wells of black gram paste and gently sculpted around the eyes to relax and cool irritated eyes. It has a greatly relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the being. When paired with Abhyangam, it relaxes the body, the mind, the eyes and the brain. It is one of our most effective and relaxing treatment since it relaxes our eyes and brain, as well as our muscles and skin. In this procedure, a pool of mild warm oil is retained for specific time period over specific areas as per the conditions. According to the body parts where Tharpanam is done, it is called in different names like :

      arrow   Nethratharpanam – on both eyes

      arrow   Kati tharpanam – on lumbar region

      arrow   Jaanutharpanam – on knee joints

      arrow   Greevatharpanam – on cervical region


      arrow   Alleviates stressed eyes

      arrow   Reduces puffiness

      arrow   Reverses eye strain

      arrow   Strengthens optic tissue

      arrow   Combats headaches

      arrow   Treats corneal problems