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Vamanam Therapy is used for the removal of unwanted kapha toxins accumulated in the body and the respiratory tract. Vamana therapy helps to induce the tendency of vomiting in the patient to get rid of the mucus that causes excess kapha. Heat is applied to the chest and back of the patient that helps to liquefy kapha. After the liquefaction of kapha in the body, a specific drink made with the mixture of madanaphalam, licorice, honey or calamus root tea is given to the patient. Now, the intake of this drink stimulates vomiting in the patient. In case, vomiting does not take place immediately, it is then induced by the immediate rubbing of tongue.

After vomiting four to eight times the patient starts feeing much better and then the process is continued with ghee treatment and a steam bath. It is recommended to take some rest after undergoing vamana therapy and heavy consumption of food should be avoided immediately.


      arrow   Vamana therapy is very useful for the treatment of diseases like anemia, chronic indigestion, sinus problems, cough and cold

      arrow   This is also very effective for the treatment of certain chronic diseases like diabetes Patients of diseases like edema, epilepsy, skin diseases, fever, loss of appetite and lymphatic obstruction can get much benefited from vamana therapy.

      arrow   Vamana therapy is also very beneficial for the treatment of problems like nausea and food poisoning