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Embracing Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and remains one of India’s traditional health care systems.

AyurSoul’s  treatment combines products mainly derived from plants,diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

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Mind-Body Healing & Detoxification

We offer authentic Panchakarma programs under the guidance of  experienced Doctors & Therapists.

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Your peace of mind

Looking for reasons to try yoga?

We teach you traditional Yoga for balancing your body & mind.

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Our Treatments

It increases blood circulation and encourages the elimination of metabolic wastes. The therapy relaxes the nervous system and feels the wholeness of the body.

A soothing massage of the head ,
neck, and shoulders using calming
herbal oils.

Foot massage

Head and foot massage

Head massage followed by luke warm medicated oil pouring on forehead from a pot hanging above. Medicated oil is indicated for vata predominant condition.

Special combination of shirodhara
and foot massage.

Foot Reflexology

Marma point therapy is a unique therapy in Ayurveda that helps awaken “ energy points” throughout the body. Marma points “open” channels of prana (life force) of your body. Allow the free flow of VATA the main governing energy Release unresolved , suppressed emotions. Special massage for vital points of the body followed by pichu (oil pack) on respective areas

Kerala kalari massage by two people
( 4 hands massage)

Kerala style foot massage

This special neuromuscular therapy is given to the back and spine using an oil preparation containing a very special blend of herbs.A local steam shower is given to your entire back after this therapy. Kundalini is highly recommended if you are constantly working on computers , driving cars and having specific back problems. Very efective for helping chronic lower back pain Useful on neck pain, frozen shoulders, sciatica and spine problems such as cervical spondylosis.
Head massage followed by luke warm medicated oil pouring on forehead from a pot hanging above. Medicated oil is indicated for vata predominant condition (Dryness of head and sense organs , insomnia, stress etc..)
Shirodhara with medicated milk is indicated in pitha predominant conditions (Buring sensation, Redness of eye, Intolerance to heat and light ,mental irritation, aggressive mind disorders.
Shirodhara with medicated butter milk is indicated in kapha predominant condition ( depression, heaviness of head, sleepy mind)

Perfect relaxation by two hours

Massage concentrated over
shad chakras . This helps to
awaken the energy points and
relaxes whole body & mind

Accordion Content
An ayurvedic facial that combines grains, herbs, and oils,personalized to balance your unique skin type. Recommended for : wrinkles, acne , skin dryness, excess oil, loose skin , aging.
Our skin faces lots of harassment on daily basis. The chemicals in the air, pollution, dust and sun ray affects our skin more. Fruit facial is a better option to get a good glowing skin instantly. Fruit packs help to cleanse and relax the skin.
Tropical fruits contain a very high nutrients and vitamins. We present fruit body massage to you as an excellent treatment to regain freshness and youthfulness of the skin

It is an ancient oleation therapy, traditionally given by one or two masseurs,
who work in tandem, synchronizing their strokes and massage according to
the circulatory and marma points for sixty minutes. Detoxifying sesame oils
are chosen according to one’s illness.

This therapy consists of applying steam evenly to the entire body (except the head) with the use of a steam box. This method is used after any oil massage to detoxify the body and help the medicated oils further penetrate into the tissues.
Sandal wood scrub is excellent for skin care. The oils or the paste can help heal skin diseases such as infections sores, ulcers, acne and rashes. Sandalwood powder helps smooth and cool the skin, and can be made into a paste,lotion or soap for cleansing, calming and hydrating sensitive or aging skin.

Mud is an important element of nature. It contains important minerals which
have positive effects on human health . Mud can absorb toxins from human
body therefore is very useful in preventing many diseases. It is also known for its healing properties.


  • It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.
  • It maintains metabolism
    rendering positive impact on digestion.
  • It is useful in conditions of skin toxicity, psoriasis, eczema, swelling.
This treatment will be done on head and body with decoctions of various herbs boiled with milk. Ksheeradhara is one of the important special treatments available in our hospital. It reduces vata and pitha disorders,dryness and wrinkles of skin and body heat and inflammation

Njavara theppu

Pedicure(Pada suddhi)

Manicure(hastha suddhi)

Nasya involves passage of medicated oil drops through the nose to cleanse accumulated Kapha (mucus) toxins from the head and neck region.
Vamana is a medicated emesis therapy which removes the Kapha toxins from the body and the respiratory tract. This is recommended for people with high Kapha imbalance. Vamana relieves and cures Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Allergies,Fever, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Hyperacidity, Chronic Indigestion Nasal Congestion, Edema, Obesity, Psycological disorders, Skin disorders.
Virechana is medicated purgation therapy which is belived to remove pitha toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver and gall bladder. It completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract in a safe procedure without side effects. Virechana treatment is indicated in high pitha Conditions-like skin disorders, blisters, abscess, etc.
Basti(Enema) is considered the mother of all panchakarma treatments since it cleanses the accumulated toxins. Basti is also highly effective as a rejuvenating treatment. Basti includes the use of medicated oil or ghee and a herbal brew which is given as enema to clean the colon and increase the muscle tone.
Leech therapy has been used and is still in use for many diseases of the body. They are used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory processes. It is perfect for those with vascular (arterial and venous diseases), and eczema can also be treated with leech therapy. Other problems known to benefit from leech therapy are the eyes (example in glaucoma) and the brain (for infantile cerebral palsy).
Raktamokshana is a procedure to cleanse the blood.It is a rather complicated procedure and is advised only in very rare conditions.
Udwarthanam is the treatment where the massage is done with powders of medicines. The powder is rubbed with a particular force on the body in upward direction. It helps to increase fat metabolism and in turn reduces body weight.
Dhanyamaldhara is a special type of treatment where medicated liquid is poured all over the body. For this treatment traditional vessels are used. It removes inflammation (ama) of the body.
Abhyanga is the procedure where the whole body is massaged using specifc medicated oil to nourish, revitalize the body tissues, impart oleation, complexion, stability, destroys fatigue and disturbances due to vatadosha. This therapy consists of applying steam evenly to the entire body (except the head) with the use of a steam box. This method is used after any oil massage to detoxify the body and help the medicated oils further penetrate into the tissues.
Upanaha sweda is a special type of treatment where the affected joints are bandaged with warm herbal paste and kept over night or full day. This therapy is particularly effective in conditions where the joints are painful and inflamed.
Performing fomentation in a tub filled with medicated decoctions is known as avagahaswedana. After anointing the body with medicated oils the patient is asked to lie or sit up to the neck level in a tub containing lukewarm decoctions

Dhara is Primarily done to treat ailments like

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Mental Tension
  • Hallucination
  • Insomnia
  • Hysteria
  • Insanity
    The Major Ingredients of Dhara include the following:
  • Herbal Oil
  • Herbal Juice
  • Milk
  • Coconut Water
  • Dhanyamlam
  • Ghee

Antitoxic, healing and smoothening of skin

Body therapy with medicated butter milk. It is very effective in various
toxic conditions, skin lesions especially psoriasis

A dam made of dough is built on the lower back, and the reservoir is filled with warm medicated herbal oil. Recommended for : lower back pain,muscle aches, stiffness
Greeva vasthi is the procedure where in the medicated oil is retained on the neck for a prescribed period.
In this procedure, specially prepared warm medicated oil is placed on the chest for a specific time.
Sirovasti is the procedure where in the medicated oil is retained on the head for a prescribed period.

Medicated oil kept over knee

Chakra vasti

Lepam is a herbal treatment used externally to cure various inflammatory diseases. Lepam is an ayurvedic skin protection treatment in which carefully chosen herbs are applied on the affected area as as paste.
In this treatment, medicated warm oil is applied on the body externally .It is done to a local area wich is affected. Pichu can be directed on a person as a main treatment for head and spine or simplified treatment can be carried out with similar oil treatments in ayurveda.
Where in medicated powders are made into poultice and used for giving fomentation

Where in herbal leaf poultice
are used to give fomentation
and simultaneous massage on
whole body or any specific

The poultice is made with egg yolks along with special herbs

The herbal poultice is heated by steam

The poultice is made with lemon

It is a procedure by which the whole body or any
specific part there of is made to perspire, by the
application of certain medicinal drugs with
njavara (special variety of rice that grows in 60
days.) rice puddings externally in the from of
boluses tied up in the muslin bag.

Benefits : Arthritis, paralysis, neurological complaints,
degeneration of muscles, tuberculosis, for children with
anemia, for women during lactation, in certain skin diseases.

Kayaseka is the process in which the body is made to perspire by means of pouring warm medicated oil in a specific manner. Recommended for : extermly high vata dosha types, muscular aches and pains, rheumatic problems, osteo arthritis, insomnia,depression, sexual problems. Tones and rejuvenates the skin, promotes relaxation, blood circulation, nourishes muscles, nervous tissues, inner balance.
Is a unique process of application of the snehana (medicated ghee) to the eyes. This procedure is useful in healthy as well as in diseased people. In healthy people akshitarpana is carried out to protect the eyes from degeneration due to the aging process and to improve the eyesight. The therapeutic effect is advocated for clients suffering from disease of the eye.
Application of liquid occular drug in the form of drops in the conjunctival sac, the number of drops indicated varies from 5-12 as per conditions.
During this therapeutic treatment, a continuous stream of medicated decocti onsis applied on the eyes for a soothing rejuvenating experience. It is highly curative and can assuage the pain of overstressed eyes.
In pindi the luke warm paste of drugs in the form of poultice is applied on the closed eye for the purpose of sudation and drug application. The poultice can be bandaged over the eye.
Anjana :(Application of collyrium): the eye. A topical application of drug in the form of smooth paste or ne powder into the conjunctiva with an applicator. indicated particulary when the acute symptoms of the ocular problem has subsided
This process is the application of medicated herbal paste on eye lids to soothe them. it is effective in inflammation, pain and burning sensation
Ear therapy is an ayurvedic process of healing ear problems with herbal oils. This therapy is highly recommended for those who use mobile phones exposed to high levels of noise and air pollution.
Gandusham is actually an ayurvedic gargling treatment in which the mouth is totally filled with a medicinal fluid to such an extent that gargling becomes impossible. After holding the fluid for certain period of time, it is then released.
Mouth gargle continous movement of herbal decoction or medicated oil inside the mouth. Kavalam is beneficial for ear, nose and throat , it also clears your vocal cord thus making the voice perfect, removes wrinkles and strengthens jaws, gums and teeth.
Medicated anti-specifc fumes are purifed in to the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. This procedure helps to clean and detoxify the ear
In this treatment patient inhale the smoke of various medicated herbs that enhance the path ways and breathing tracts and eliminates all the toxic agents from the body.
Medicated oils are administered through the nose for 7 to 14 days. Recommended for : sinusitis, nasal block, all kinds of headaches including migraine, insomnia, paralysis,mental disorders and skin diseases also.

A smoothing massage of the head,
neck & shoulder for 30 minutes
using warm herbal oils.

Medicated oil is applied to the head
in a special manner.

It is combination of head massage, head pack , hair conditioning and shampooing and then smoking with herbals for a short period. It nourishes the hair follicles and improves the tone of hairs.
This is a special procedure of application of medicated paste on the head. It is very effective in various psychosomatic disorders. Basically head pack is a cooling treatment.
Shirovasthi is the procedure where in the medicated oil is retained on the head for a prescribed time. Two therapists perform this procedure.
Shirodhara is the process in which medicated oil, milk, butter milk is poured in a continous stream on the forehead in a specific manner.

We provide therapies under the following categories.
Curative health care cure for diseases like
Rheumatic arthritis
Osteo arthritis
Lumbar and cervical spondylosis
Accute and chronic sinusitis
Nasal polyp
Paralysis-stroke-in various phases
Disc prolapse with radiculopathy

Dr. Pramitha Ratheesh

Founder & Managing Director

Our Packages

Ayurveda basic principles(theory)
Ayurveda massage
Ayurveda cooking
Preparation of herbal oils
Ayurveda prakrithi analysis
Basic ayurveda
Intermediate ayurveda
Advanced ayurveda

For Details,visit :

Rasayna therapy(rejuvenation package)
7days – Rs. 21000
14 days – Rs. 42000
21 days – Rs. 63000
Panchakarma (body purification theraphy)
7days – Rs. 25000

14 days – Rs. 49000
21 days – Rs. 74000
Body immunization package

7 days – Rs. 17500
14 days – Rs. 35000
28 days – Rs. 70000
Slimming programme (including food)
14 days – Rs. 42000
Beauty care programme
10 days – Rs. 18000
Treatment for psoriasis
14 days – Rs. 42000
Spine and neck care programme
10 days – Rs. 28000
Hair care programme 7 days – Rs. 14000
Fem 40 care for female of menopausal age
Sports fitness programme

Special half day programme
( Facial, Abhyangam, Padhaabhyangam Health drink & meal)
120min Rs. 4000
One day programme
A wholesome experience of ayurveda designed for Refreshing
& recharging your body and mind (body pack, face pack,
shirodhara, relaxation massage health drink & meal)
150 min Rs. 4800
Two day programme
Put together the cosmopolitan in you (abhyangam, shirodhara,
body scrub, body pack health drink & meal)
Three day programme
To explore the innite capabilities of ayurveda To make your
life better (rejuvenation, marma massage, kizhi,njavarakizhi
health drink & meal)
Rs. 15000

What our clients say

How Ayursoul has changed lives? Hear from our visitors.

After the initial consultation my treatment plan was laid out and we set out on the journey of spiritual and mental healing. The food was prepared according to individual constitution and requirements. I really enjoyed the morning and evenings yoga sessions which consisted of Asanas, Mediations etc. 👌 One thing to be mentioned is the dedication and care provided by the Team consisting of doctors, Therapists, cooking staff and each and every one❤️. My heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you for the support and healing😍🤗❤️🥰.
Resmi Murali
From Munich,Germany
Dr Pramitha, the founder is very special and has a true gift of truly seeing people and helping you become more self empowered through self love and care for your mind, body and soul. Thank you so much for everything! I would definitely recommend taking time for yourself and doing a panchakarma here! You are worth it and deserve it! 💛
From Netherlands
I felt safe and I trust Dr Pramitha completely, she is a truly amazing and knowledgeable woman and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I have seen many Ayurvedic doctors in the past (in the west) and I can safely say she is the best I have experienced.
From Byron Bay,Australia

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