Ayur Soul is one of the pioneering Ayurvedic health institutions located in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Ayur Soul started operations in the year 2014. The uniqueness of Ayur Soul Clinic is that we undertake treatments for Ladies and Couples only. The strict adherence to the scientific Ayurveda principles and classical treatment methods like Yoga, Meditation, Radical healing, Chakra healing etc.We offer alternative therapies with all the necessary facilities and conventions essential for the natural system of healing and rejuvenation of human body, mind and soul.

We also provide all kind of • Ayurvedic therapies • Slimming therapy • Herbal beauty care • Preventive methods of degenerative and autoimmune diseases • Disease specific treatments & medicines • Ayurvedic ophthalmology • Stress management • Personalized life style modifications • Hair & skincare therapies • Body type analysis etc.. 


Meet our Founder

Dr . Pramitha Ratheesh


She is counted amongst the profound Ayurveda Doctors in India.Her positive and diligent nature makes her genuinely care for her patient’s wellness.Every person stepping inside the Ayursoul is a Family to her.

Her beautiful smile is the first therapy which you can expect.